Little Man United's New Coach - Snow White the Sequel - for key stage 2

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Little Man United’s New Coach

They’re back!

In a humorous sequel to “Snow White and the Seven-a-side Football Team”, Doc, Grumpy, Happy and the rest of the team of Little Man United must travel from their magical kingdom of Fartopia into our world to find a replacement coach for Snow White, who has gone off on honeymoon with Prince Charming and hasn’t been seen for 37 years.

There is a new evil in the land - a wicked witch has formed her own football team and has even turned Sleepy into stone so that out favourite team can never win the Fartopia Cup. Will the six vertically challenged little men find a new coach and team member in time to win the competition?

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Excerpt of Score and Script

It is intended for KS2 children, and lasts about 45 minutes. The pack contains the book with piano-vocal score, script (20 speaking parts), lyrics and CD with recorded backing tracks, both with and without singing.

New for 2015