New: Digital downloads

If you're in a hurry, you can now download the material to print at your leisure, and to burn to CD. See individual musicals for details of pricing. Or visit my digital download page direct: here


Jumping In Puddles - songs about the weather for KS1

Getting Around - a collection of rounds and part songs about transport

Ori and Tar - a New musical for Christmas

Baboushka - a new Nativity for EYFS


Baboushka - a New Nativity for EYFS

Shine - a New Nativity for EYFS

The Sheep Detectives - A new Nativity for EYFS

Lonny Spotnik and the Magic School Inspectors - a new musical for KS2

Mississippi Brown and the House at the End of the Road - A new musical for KS2

Let me know what topics and themes you'd like songs to be written for - eg a History or Science topic.