Rats - Hartleypool is overrun by rats, and they don't want to pay the piper. Key stage 2

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The town of Hartleypool is busy trying to attract tourists - one of the main attractions being the Pumpernickel baked by the German Chef at Hartleypool Towers. But when the TV crew comes to film a holiday special there, some unwelcome guests also appear - RATS!!!

But help is at hand - the Pied Piper (of Hamlyn fame) appears to rid the town of unwanted guests. But the TV crew go undercover only to find that the rats and the piper are in collusion with each other. The tables are soon turned however, when the rats discover just how small a cut they get from the piper - and they decide to go it alone, and form the world’s first Boy band made up of rats.

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“A funny script that the children and audience loved.”

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