Snow White and the Seven A Side Football team - for key stage 2

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Snow White... is a humorous take on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, with the heroine ending up coaching a team of small football players calling themselves ‘Little Man United’.

Snow White is not as we have come to know her either - she has a black belt in karate, and has no immediate plans to fall for any Prince Charming who might come calling.

Populated by many more hilarious characters, such as Snow White’s father, the king, who likes to hug trees, and Sleepy the dwarf, who falls asleep at completely inappropriate moments, or Grumpy, who has deep seated anger issues, this musical is crammed full of laughs, football, and hugely enjoyable songs.

Snow White and the Seven-a-side Football Team

Excerpt of Score and Script

The show was a great and a real success parents and children all enjoyed themselves.

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It is intended for KS2 children, and lasts about one hour. The pack contains the book with piano-vocal score, script (20 speaking parts), lyrics and CD with recorded backing tracks, both with and without singing.